Imist eGo 1100mAh Manual E-cig Battery

Imist eGo 1100mAh Manual E-cig Battery

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Imist eGo Manual E-cig Battery Specifications:

Battery capacity: 1100mAh
Output voltage: 3.3v – 4.2v
Charge current: DC 4.2V 500mA
Single working time: 15 seconds
Threading: eGo/510
Battery weight: 38g

Battery Usage:

To turn on/off: click the switch 5 times consecutively in 2 seconds. 

Imist eGo 1100mAh can reach 4.2V and will fire for a maxiumum of 15 seconds. Battery features a 5-click on/off lock and overcharging protection. A fully charged battery can support approximately 1500 puffs.