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    Ruthless E-juice - Skir Skirrr On Ice Shortfill 50ml (Out Of Date)

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    Skir Skirrr On Ice e-liquid from Ruthless is a mix of apple, honeydew and menthol.

    This Skir Skirrr On Ice shortfill e-liquid from Ruthless is available in 50ml quantities and sold in 60ml bottles. This means that there is space to add your 10ml nicotine shot.

    These liquids have been discounted as they are past their Best Before date. E-Liquid doesn't expire or pose any risk after the best before date, there may just be some slight degradation in flavour, or the liquid may look darker.

    Available in a 30%PG/70%VG, Skirr Skirrr 50ml shortfill is best suited to our intermediate kits.

    E-liquid brand: Ruthless E-Juice (US) 
    Bottle size: 50ml (in 60ml sized bottle)
    PG/VG content: 30% PG/70% VG
    Nicotine strength: 0mg (nicotine-free)
    Key flavours: Apple, Honeydew Melon, Menthol
    Suitable Devices - Intermediate, Advanced, Sub-ohm