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    XTAR Queen Ant MC6II Battery Charger

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    XTAR MC6II Queen Ant II Smart Battery Charger:
    - OV Activation revives over-discharged batteries
    - TC/CC/CV three stage charging maximizes battery lifespan
    - Cuts off precisely at 4.2V when the battery is fully charged
    - Current Buffering Technology keeps batteries from violent currents
    - Reverse polarity / short circuit / overcharge / overheat protection
    - Made from flame retardant materials
    - LED indicators show the charging status

    Charger specifications:

    - Input: 5V 3A
    - Constant current: 0.5A x 6

    Box contents:

    - MC6II Queen Ant II 6-bay battery charger
    - UK adapter
    - User Manual



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